Latest News!

We're back!

After over a year of no stock and innumerable setbacks, the Orbotron is back in the form of the Orbotron 9001---with a new processor, regulated power for the RS232 port, and a slightly lower price.

Thanks for the patience, folks; that was a long run.

International Orders:

Have a little patience with shipping; I may not ship with the exact method you choose while I get to understanding how this works, but I will honor the price you pay.  Thanks for your patience!

All Orders:

Paypal payment is working, but is having trouble notifying the store that the payment is complete, so if you look in your order history your order may not appear.  Don't panic!  I've almost certainly received payment and am sending your product.  If you're ever curious, send me an email and I'll confirm for you.  I'm making progress so this may be fixed soon.